dog and baby

Animal Suicide

Throughout history, there have been stories of animals committing suicide. Two thousand years ago, Aristotle wrote about a horse that was so ashamed after unknowingly mating with his own mother, that he killed himself. While these types of stories sound improbable, there are … [Read more...]

Image of books

Secret Library

Imagine taking a risky walk through bombed-out buildings, the entire time hiding from snipers. Now imagine that you’re dodging bullets and risking your life to…read. For many of us, this seems crazy, but for some people in Damascus, Syria, risking their lives to read is the only … [Read more...]

Image of an athlete

Agony Of Defeat

After a bitter loss, John Herdman, the head coach of the Canadian women’s soccer team spitefully threw their silver medal into the crowd. He later told the media that "I don't play this game for medals... and not silver ones anyway." Some people have called him a sore loser, but … [Read more...]

Image of a ship and man

Gentleman Or Pirate

Depending on whom you ask, Felix von Luckner was a noble, a gentleman, a pirate, and a hero. Born into a German military family, he dreamed of becoming a naval officer since he was a child, even though his father pushed him to follow in his footsteps and become a cavalry … [Read more...]

Image of honeybees

Vibrating Balls Of Bees

From the land of Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and all that is cute come some pretty dangerous creatures of the wild. From bears and wild boar, to centipedes and snakes, to sharks and poisonous jellyfish, there are all sorts of animals in Japan that can do you harm. But by far the most … [Read more...]

Image of an old woman

Making A Break For Freedom

Elderly people trying to make a break for freedom are common at nursing homes. Confused patients at the Ben Rath nursing home in Germany would often slip out the door and get lost. Some would be found wandering in stores or even the forest. Others would jump on buses in search of … [Read more...]


Felix the Fearless

Base jumpers are daredevils who jump from high buildings, bridges and mountains with parachutes. Felix Baumgartner wasn’t just a base jumper, he was a space jumper. He jumped from a balloon that reached 36 km up in the sky at the edge of space. Felix is your prototypical … [Read more...]


Robot Rights

A mother and her six children were accused of killing a five-year-old boy in Savigny, France in 1457. The mother and children were brought before a court to answer for their crimes. The mother was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging, but her children were freed. … [Read more...]

Image of a walking man

Walk Your Way To Health And Happiness

Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Philosophers and scientists from Aristotle to Einstein have known throughout history that walking in nature can boost creativity. When we walk our heart rate increases, pumping blood … [Read more...]

Image of a heart in human body

Man Lives 555 Days Without a Heart

To “wear your heart on your sleeve” means to show your feelings to the world. It describes a person who hides nothing, and that emotional honesty makes them vulnerable. Stan Larkin didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. He literally wore his heart on his back. Stan survived and … [Read more...]

Image of children

Professor Has 22 Children With 18 Mothers

New York City math professor, Ari Nagel, has 22 children with 18 different women. Ari’s oldest child is 12, and Ari is in a serious long-term relationship with the mother. The other 17 women were just looking for a sperm donor and Ari was happy to help. Some of these women … [Read more...]

An image of a girl

Father Speaks To His Son In Klingon For Three Years

The original science fiction TV show, Star Trek, was only on the air for three years, but it was just the beginning. Over the past 50 years, there have been many Star Trek TV shows and movies loved by Star Trek super fans, called Trekkies. Dr. d’Armond Speers says that he is not … [Read more...]

Image of a rhino

Hunter Pays $350,000 To Kill Rhino

Texas millionaire and hunter Corey Knowlton recently paid $350,000 to kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia. There are only 4,000 to 5,000 black rhinos left in the world, and now there is one less. While it’s easy to paint Corey as a monster, he says that hunters like himself … [Read more...]

Image of a cat

Blackie The Talking Cat

While dogs have been used for protection for thousands of years, parrots are a new twist. “Run, run, you are going to get caught,” cried Lorenzo the parrot as the police arrived. Lorenzo was one of 1,700 parrots trained to warn their drug-dealing owners in Barranquilla, … [Read more...]

Image of a man

A Man Without A Name

One day in 1986, Edgar Latulip got on a bus headed for Niagara Falls and then disappeared. Edgar was reported to the police as a missing person. For 30 years the case went cold. Some people thought Edgar had died in a mysterious accident. Edgar’s mother and the police searched … [Read more...]

Image of a man

Terminal One

For the majority of us, an airport is nothing more than a place to wait for a journey to begin. But for some, an airport has become a home. In a perfect storm of unlucky events, Mehran Karimi Nasseri found himself stranded at the Charles de Gaulle airport in France for more than … [Read more...]

Image of a car accident

Everything Happens For A Reason

English expressions like ‘Everything happens for a reason’ sound hokey to some, but not if you believe in fate or destiny. Pediatrician Dr. Michael Shannon says, "Things are supposed to happen when they do. I see examples of this almost daily in my life and practice." In … [Read more...]

Image of a warrior

Joan d’Arc

At the age of 13, a French peasant girl named Joan D’Arc began hearing voices and having visions. The voices told her to go on an important mission to save France. It was the 1400s, and England was occupying much of France, forcing many French people to leave their homes. The … [Read more...]

Image of a radiation symbol

Unsung Heroes

In 1986, three men volunteered to die in order to save hundreds of thousands of people, but most of us have never heard of these unsung heroes. When a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine began releasing deadly radioactive material, workers didn't know what to do. No one … [Read more...]

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