Day One – Learn to See the Big Picture

Welcome to Day 1 of your 7-day English course. Today, we would like for you to watch the three videos below. You can read the transcript for Videos 1 and 3. The audio in Video 2 is not important. Just watch it.

Note: If you can’t wait for Day 2 and Day 3 lessons, go there now to download our listening and speaking audio Mp3 files.

Day 2 (Listening): Don’t Study English; Use English

Day 3 (Speaking): Welcome Mistakes

Video 1 – What Should you Focus On?

Click Here to Read the Video 1 Transcript


Video 2 – Color Changing Card Trick

Remember, don’t worry about understanding the English in the video above. Just watch the card trick.


Video 3 – Seeing the Big Picture

Click Here to Read the Video 3 Transcript

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